Outline of Hiroshima Cancer Seminar Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

As is well known, Hiroshima was the first city in the world to be struck with an atomic bomb, and the relative risk for hematological malignancies and solid cancers is high among atomic bomb survivors. Our goal now is to promote everlasting peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons. However, there are still many people suffering and dying from cancer in Hiroshima.

As a step towards the noble goal of the conquest of cancer, the Hiroshima Cancer Seminar Foundation was established in 1992 with the cooperation of Hiroshima Prefectural Government, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima Financial Circles and Hiroshima Medical Association and then was authorized as the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation on the first day of April 2013.

The Foundation annually holds an international symposium to create an opportunity for basic scientists and clinical researchers to exchange ideas on cancer research and cancer therapy.

Eiichi Tahara (Professor emeritus, Hiroshima University), Chairman of the Foundation, every year serves as chairman of the Organizing Committee for the symposia, and has published the meeting reports of the symposia in Cancer Science and JJCO journals. The subjects of previous symposia and the invited speakers were as below.

Another important task of the Foundation is a lecture open to the public to distribute precise information on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human cancer. The Foundation annually reports Hiroshima Cancer Seminar (HCS) News including the summary of the open lectures, symposia and budgets as well as other activities.

In addition, the first meeting on the Advanced Cancer Drug Therapy (ACDT) was organized on 9th February 2013 to promote cancer drug therapy for the aged cancer patients and encourage the development of cancer professionals. This ACDT meeting will be annually held as well.

The Foundation also supports the activity of young cancer researchers and oncologists as well as scientific cancer related societies.

The Hiroshima Cancer Seminar Public Interest Incorporated Foundation hopes to promote and support further advances in controlling cancer, from the basic research to clinical oncology.


The group photo of the 22nd HCS/the 4th JARI Joint International Symposium
“MicroRNAs in Cancer”.



  Date Main theme Invited speakers
1st November 10, 1990 New approach to cancer therapy T.Sugimura, S.Waxman, M.Hozumi, L.Degos, R.Lotan, Y.S.Cho-Chung, K.Hashimoto, N.Shimizu, M.Yamakido, G.B.Pierce, Y.Nakamura, D.Tarin
2nd June 6-7, 1992 Carcinogenesis and metastasis T.Sugimura, C.C.Harris, A.P.Grollman, J.E.Trosko,
S.Nishimura, I.J.Fidler, S.Tsukita, S.Taniguchi, O.Niwa, H.Yokozaki, N.Tanigawa, K.Kurisu, M.Oshimura
3rd October 23-24, 1993 Tumor suppressor gene E.J.Stanbridge, J.Yokota, M.Oshimura, E.Harlow, Y.Nakamura, D.Tarin, T.Takahashi, T.Seyama, A.Ochiai, W.Yasui
October 22-26, 1994 Gene therapy of cancer T.Sugimura, A.B.Deisseroth, M.Blease, M.L.Kripke, I.Pastan, J.Yoshida, H.Hamada, D.R.J.Macer,Y.Niitsu, M.Terada
5th October 28-29, 1995 Telomerase and cancer C.B.Harley, T.de Lange, M.Oshimura, J.W.Shay, H.Tahara, K.Hiyama, E.Hiyama, J.H.Ohyashiki, F.Ishikawa
October 22-24, 1996 Cancer-stromalinteraction R.R.Brentani, R.Lotan, M.Ogawa, I.P.Witz, Y.Okada,
T.Kuroki, D.Tarin, M.Terada
7th November 15-16, 1997 Gene therapy: application to disease I.M.Verma, F.Wong-Staal, W.K.Cavenee, J.C.Barrett,
Y.Kawakami, Y.Sugimoto
8th November 2-3, 1998 Aging and cancer J.C.Barrett, M.Oshimura, T.E.Johnson, M.Kuroo, F.Ishikawa, Z.Ronai
9th September 28, 1999 Pediatric Tumors and Secondary Cancer Anna T.Meadows, Ed Harlow, Peter Inskip, Masao Seto, Yukiko Tsunematsu, Nanao Kamada
10th October 28-29, 2000 Gene diagnosis
– Introduction of new technology –
J. Quachenbush, T. Tsunoda, M. Nishiyama, N. Shimizu, H. Shimada, H. Yokozaki, Y. Shirai
11th October 27, 2001 Chromatin and Cancer R. Grosschedl, P.A. Jones, T. Kouzarides, K. Igarashi, T. Ito, M. Oshimura, M. Kanno
12th November 9, 2002 Molecular targeting therapy for cancer W. K. Cavenee, F. B. Furnari, R. Fishel, T. Tsuruo, K. Nishio, S. Yano, S. Sone, M. Toi
13th October 26, 2003 New approaches to identification of biomarkers for early cancer detection C. C. Harris, X. W. Wang, S. M. Hewitt, M. Toyota, K. Imai, K. Shimizu, S. Hirohashi, N. Takahashi, W. Yasui
14th October 30-31, 2004 Cancer and epigenetics -Basic research and clinical implication- J.P. Issa, M. Oshimura, S. Fujii, Y. Kondo, A.P. Feinberg, M. Nakao, I. Kitabayashi, T. Ushijima, V.V. Lobanenkov, H. Tahara, E. Verdin, M. Yoshida
15th October 30, 2005 Current Progress of Cancer Chemotherapy J.A. Ajani, A. Ohtsu, C.H. Kohne, M. Monden, R.S. Kerbel, M. Fukuoka, R. B. Diasio, T. Saeki, M. Nishiyama, K. Yoshida, M. Tahara
16th October 22, 2006 Cancer Stem Cells E. Quintana, F. Radtke, K. S. Kang, L. Mishra, Y. Ito, S. Nishikawa, A. Hirao, T. Kondo, M. Mori, H. Taniguchi
November 11, 2007 Radiation Therapy for Cancer J.D. Cox, T. Ogino, B. Vikram, H.Shirato, Y. Hirokawa, T. Akimitsu, R.U. Komaki-Cox, S. Yamada, S-J, Huh, M. Hiraoka, S.M.Bentzen
November 9, 2008 Recent Progress in Pathogenesis and Management of Colorectal Cancer N.A. Wright, M. Taketo, R.N. DuBois, W. Yasui, S.Tanaka, Y.Niitsu, Y. Matsumura, K. Sugihara, M. Okajima, M. Ikeguchi, K. Takenaga
November 1, 2009 Recent Progress in Carcinogenesis, Progression and Therapy of Lung Cancer C. C. Harris, T. Takahashi, D. G. Beer, M. Kato,
K. Inai, Y. Daigo, T. Mitsudomi, I. Okamoto,
E. Shimizu, T. Isobe
October 31, 2010 Recent Progress in Carcinogenesis, Progression and Therapy of Breast Cancer T. D. Tlsty, E. T. Liu, H. Tahara, M.D.Pegram, T. Ochiya, M. Toi, S. Yamamoto, Y. Fujiwara, M. Ohara, M. Itakura, K. Ishiguro
November 6, 2011 Recent Progress in Carcinogenesis, Progression and Management of Upper GI Cancers R. Peek Jr, M. Hatakeyama, T. Ushijima, W. Yasui, A. Ochiai, H. Yokozaki, J. Nakayama, J. Sung, Y. Kitadai, A. Ohtsu, I. Uyama, T. Matsubara, H. Saito
August 30, 2012 MicroRNAs in Cancer M A. Kay, H. Suzuki, J. Inazawa, H. Tahara, A L. Kasinski, N. Seki, N. Oue, N. Kosaka
Agust 29-31, 2013 Liquid biopsy promises for RNAi medicine

A F Hill, Y S Gho, H Suzuki, N Kosaka, H Tahara, K Suzuki,
Y Nagatani, N Motoyama, K Katsutani, Y Eguchi, K Nishioka


 Agust 26-28, 2015  All about EVs-Liquid biopsy

M Wauben,H Siku,Y Kawakami Y Takakura,H Tamura,H Ishii,Y Yamada,Y Tomari

 Agust 31-September 2, 2016 Toward deep RNA sciences for clinical applications

T-L Shen,T Umezu,A Kotani, T Mitaaka,T Wada, S Komatsu,
M Nakanishi

 Agust 30-September 1, 2017  New frontiers of exosome research in the Asia-Pacific

 Y Baba,A Nakano,Y. S. Gho,H H Yin,S-K Lim,A Hill,A Yokoi,  
 M Otsuka,H Iwano


*1 in conjunction with the 8th International Conference of the International Society of Differentiation.
*2 in conjunction with the 1st International Conference on Gastroenterological Carcinogenesis.
*3 in conjunction with the 1st Three Universities’ Consortium (The Cancer Professional Training Plan. Tottori University, Shimane University and Hiroshima University)
The 15th Anniversary of Hiroshima Cancer Seminar Foundation
*4 in conjunction with the 2nd Three Universities’ Consortium (The Cancer Professional Training Plan. Tottori University, Shimane University and Hiroshima University)
*5 in conjunction with the 3rd Three Universities’ Consortium (The Cancer Professional Training Plan. Tottori University, Shimane University and Hiroshima University)
*6 in conjunction with the 4th Three Universities’ Consortium (The Cancer Professional Training Plan. Tottori University, Shimane University and Hiroshima University)
*7 in conjunction with the 5th Three Universities’ Consortium (The Cancer Professional Training Plan. Tottori University, Shimane University and Hiroshima University)
*8 in conjunction with the 4th JARiJoint International Symposium
*9 in conjunction with the 5th JARiJoint International Symposium
*10 in conjunction with the 6th JARi・2thJSVE  Joint International Symposium
*11 in conjunction with the 7th JARi・3thJSVE  Joint International Symposium
*12 in conjunction with the 8th JARi・4thJSVE  Joint International Symposium


Eiichi Tahara, MD. PhD.(Hon), FRCPath 


Date and Place of Birth:

July 19,1936, Yokohama, Japan

Present Position:

Professor emeritus, Hiroshima University
Chairman of the Hiroshima Cancer Seminar Foundation


MD, Hiroshima University School of Medicine, 1963; PhD,1968

Brief Chronology of Employment:

Professor and Chairman at the Department of Pathology, Hiroshima University, 1978-2000;
Councilor of Hiroshima University, 1985-1987;
Director, Faculty of Medicine, Hiroshima University School of Medicine1996-1998;
Chairman of the Hiroshima Cancer Seminar Foundation, 1999;
Professor emeritus, Hiroshima University 2000;
Visiting Professor UCSD Cancer Center 2001;
Permanent Director and Chief of Research, Radiation Effect Research Foundation (RERF), 2001-2005;
Senior Consultant Researcher, RERF, 2005-2006;
Member of the Senior Review Panel on Future Planning of RERF, 2006-present.

Specialty and Present Interest:

Molecular pathology and gene diagnosis of gastroenterological cancer.

Professional Affiliations:

The International Society of Differentiation, President, 1996-98;
The International Society of Gastroenterological Carcinogenesis, Founder, Secretary general, 1996-;
The Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, honorary membership, 1998;
The Japanese Cancer Association, President, 1999, honorary member 2004:
The Japanese Society of Pathology, President, 1998, honorary member 2000;
AACR Emeritus member President’s Circle Leadership Council, Emeritus member 2014, AACR Foundation, 2005-;
The International Cancer Microenvironment Society (ICMS), charter member and officer, 2007.

Honors and Awards:

The Hiroshima Medical Association Award, 1972;
Litchfield Lectureship. University of Oxford, 1991,1995;
R.E. “Bob” Smith Lecture Award, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center 1997;
Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists, UK.1998;
Invited participant, First Summit of Leaders of World Cancer Research Organization, 1999;
Signature of the “Charter of Paris”, World Summit against Cancer, 2000;
Corresponding Member Award ,Germany Society of Pathology, 2000;
“Nagayo” Prize, Japanese Cancer Association, 2002;
Japan Cancer Society Prize (organization), 2010.
Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Carcinogenesis(JSGC) founded Eiichi Tahara Prize, 2013

A total of 1211 manuscripts including 175 books (English 53) and 1036 originals and reviews (English 487).